Tell me about your "The Beginning!"

Jesse's perspective: Well actually I didn't know who Tash was before that night, we went to celebrate her best friend Kate's birthday who amazingly shares the same birthday as Tash. I remember being introduced to Tash and immediately changed my whole night, I also randomly kissed her on both cheeks (which i never do) and explained the fact that I'm Italian and do it to most people I meet to play it off cool but I was totally just thrown by how stunning she was and wanted her to remember who I was that night. I ended up getting her attention throughout the night with a funny conversation about how many roses I have tattooed on my arm. Which also lead to a great picture of her father and all my friends who had no clue who he was at the time. Throughout the night I was glued to her, wanting to dance with her all night and I remember asking her best friend Kate for tips on how I could get a moment with her. She did me a solid and just let Tash know I was into her but I think she was clued on to the fact I was by me being glued to her hip all night haha. Finally, at the end of the night she mustered up the courage to dance with me, I was just happy to be with her and start getting to really know the beautiful and amazing woman I love so very much today.

When and where did you get engaged?

Jesse's perspective: This was a classic 'me' moment - everything has to be 200% effort with me and my proposal was sure as hell going to be just that. It took me months of planning, involving her closest friends was my first step, i wanted to include them mainly because i wanted to show them they are important to me as well as Tash and i knew she would want them to be part of the moment. I decided i wanted to completely surprise Tash for the proposal, I involved some decorators to set up a beautiful display by the water at New Farm Powerhouse for us, with candles that asked her to marry me, a rose petal path way that lead to me, with 'La Vien Rose' in the background, photographer to capture the moment and pray that my legs stay beneath me the whole time. Her friends helped me trick Tash to go there for a picnic as she thought i was at work that day, so much co-ordinating to make sure they got to the right spot at the right time it was safe to say we were all stressed. The funniest part was when i saw them in the distance her friends pointed me out to which Tash was like 'I wonder what that is' not even realising it was me. It was a very beautiful environment many on-goers asking if they could stay and witness the moment. We both cried, we both laughed and enjoyed a once in a lifetime moment together, i couldn't thank everyone who was involved more.

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Enchanted / romantic / loving. Colours: green, pink and white

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

The walk down the aisle moment!

Top Tips!

Have fun with it